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Saturday 9 March 2013

Sound familiar....

....NFL is all gobbledigook to me but no translation required for the sentiments expressed

An Open Letter to St. Louis Rams’ Owner Stan Kroenke: Fan’s View

whether it's the head or the body of the snake that has to go. something has to happen for us to shed this "sustainable business model" skin, if we're not to end up spending several more years in purgatory as just another of Silent Stan's mediocre cash-cow outfits


Rob said...

This can be taken as a taster of things to come. It appears stans silence is not only reserved for his London based investment. To think his hands off approach was a strong selling point in the beginning. Which is great when your heading I'm the right direction, however, when the road surface gets a bit bumpy and potholes become more prevalent, does it not make sense to grab hold of the handlebars and steer yourself back toward safety? than always assuming others will make the correct choice for you.

Our owner is running the risk of damaging his shiny new bicycle by very publicly landing on his arse. Perhaps more pressure should be applied to take responsibility but god only knows how to go about it.

Anonymous said...

It is not difficult at all to have massive change at the club. None at all. It IS run as a business. All that is needed is to hit where it hurts, the pocketbook. STOP GOING TO MATCHES!! Stop buying gear! Stop buying programs. Stop selling out the Emirates!
Do it and explain why you are doing it. Organize the fans.
This sends the message with teeth to back it will never happen. Remember the last set of fans that tried to do this were pilloried by other AFC supporters. No...the AFC fan base will simply show up at the box office, continue to pay through the nose for tickets, and nothing changes. YOU HAVE THE POWER.. ya just won't use it. You have go stop feeding the monster. Even if tgd big money is in TV revenue, this still makes a massive impact financially, but also in the PR battle.
What was Einstein's definition of insanity again..?