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Friday 8 March 2013

Carl Jenkinson?

Can anyone confirm if Jenkinson was subbed at WHL with a knock?

I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the game again to see if he was at all at fault with the goals (although I must admit that my Spurs mate took me to WHL last night to watch the Spuds beat Inter and to be fair, I've never experienced Thursday night Europa League football, so sadly, perhaps it's a good idea that I start getting used to it! - although I could've done without all the wind up "Arsenal in disguise" chants, but really couldn't argue with the entertaining football)

But at 2-0 down on Sunday, even if Jenkinson was in any way at fault for either of the goals (looked like they strolled through the middle of our statuesque centre-backs from where I stood), he was about our greatest threat getting down the flank and whipping in the sort of crosses that we've not seen nearly enough of from anyone else. So to my mind, to take him off in order to introduce Rosicky and then to move Ramsey to right-back, unless Carl was injured, this was just about the most bonkers substitution I've ever seen Wenger make. And frankly even if Carl was at all culpable with either of the goals, what's the point in punishing the kid after his mistakes

Also I've always got my binoculars with me and I noticed this for the first time when BBC Bouldie (Balls, Bibs & Cones - how the mighty have fallen) called Podolski back from warming up, for him to come on against Blackburn and the same was true on Sunday and I simply can't help but take issue with the fact that having been told to get himself ready, Lucas then spends what seems like an eternity, getting his tracksuit off and phaffing with his boots, as to my mind this simply isn't the attitude of a player who's desperate to get out there and have some impact on the game.

Maybe I'm being harsh and it's down to the fact that I've always had my suspicions about Podolski not exactly being made of the psychological "right stuff" as a player who was happy to leave Bayern and go back to the relative 'big fish in a small pond' security of his home town club, Cologne. But I want to see Arsenal substitutes who can't get on the pitch quick enough and who are raring to drag us back into the game, not someone who looks as if they believe that if they procrastinate long enough, they might limit their liability for the team's failure

But please someone confirm that Carl had a knock and if not can anyone possibly explain AW's logic in believing Ramsey was going to serve us better at RB, as if not then I really can't find any more excuses for not sending in the men with the white coats to drag AW away, before I start losing all respect for someone who really deserves far better from us all