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Tuesday 4 September 2007

You Can Stick Dein's Dodgy Wonga Where The Sun Don't Shine

Those present at Sunday's match might not have seen the table they produced on the Sky coverage which basically proves that Wenger walks on water, even better than the fella with the holes in his feet.

As if in answer to the quotes in the press from Dein about the Arsenal not being able to continue to compete, without seeking the aid of someone with some serious financial clout (where in fact one might conclude that Dein's judgement is clouded by his ulterior motives, as his only prospect of inveigling his way back into the club is as some mega-bucks geezer's "goffer"), the following figures say otherwise, so long as Arsène knows!

Big Four Spending
since Abramovich became Chelsea owner in July 2003

Spent Received Nett
Chelsea £346m £87m -£259m
Man Utd £161m £82m -£79m
Liverpool £150m £58m -£92m
Arsenal £69m £64m -£5m


Anonymous said...

Be interesting to see the rest of the league as well. Suspect that there will be many others that have spent more as well.

elvido said...

Been a ManU fan all my life, but from the first game I have thought that it may be Arsenal's title to lose this year.. and David or not Wenger is the one you need to hold on to... And with the talent you guys have, come on!!!!! Always been a Wenger/Henry fan, now its the Fab man that catches the eye... so here's to a rollicking season!!!

Anonymous said...

Dein could have an argument if we spent like Liverpool, but had little to show for it. But because of Wenger, we had the financial ability to move to a new stadium and increase our profits even further, generating more resources to fund acquisitions, if Wenger chose to do so. We can compete and in 4 years, we'll have even more money in the bank to compete with. I just hope that they plan to turn all the profit from the Highbury Square development into reducing the stadium debts.

Anonymous said...

Was that seriously a Man U fan that just said it was our title to lose this year? Well played my friend. Its nice you like Cesc, to bad we cant say the same about Ronaldo, or Rooney, or Giggs, or Neville. or Scholes, but i dont mind Hargreaves (or Carrick for leaving the Spurts with that gaping whole in midfield).

Bern said...

I am pretty certain that the last time I saw figures, Wenger's net spending was substantially less than many other clubs and I recall being amazed at how much the Spuds had spent by comparison, with absolutely nothing to show for it.

What's more this was even before the rest of the Premiership went and broke their piggy banks in the process of blowing their additional TV money.

I love the idea that my humble blog can be a forum for snesible discussion by all footie fans, rather than the sort of inane tittle-tattle one often sees online. Sadly the fact that the vast majority of traffic is generated by the Newsnow link, means that this doesn't lend itself to being read by anyone else but us Gooners.

I assume the Moaner's opinions are a result of the highlights shown of us to date, which to my mind have been fairly flattering and I only hope the same is true of the Scousers, as on the evidence of what I've seen (and it is still very "early doors"!)Benitez's side look the most likely team to offer a credible challenge.

Whereas ultimately I wonder if our hopes might eventually flounder on the fact that we might be a little too dependent on our first choice players. I don't think there can be any dispute that on our day, we are capable of beating any side on the planet, but as the season wears on and injuries and suspensions take their toll, I can't help wonder if we might suffer from the fact that unlike some of our rivals, we don't have two or three players challenging for every position on the park, but might have to end up making do, with various players filling in the gaps, playing out of position.

Watching Liverpool play Toulouse the other night, I looked at their team sheet without having the feintest idea who the likes of Leto and Lucas were. It has since been revealed that they are a couple more South American youngsters, but this speaks as to the strength in depth of the Scousers squad.

Personally I always thought Babel's price was seriously inflated as a result of the Duthc lad being somewhat over-hyped. However watching him sell that dummy to the two Derby defenders, with Henry like audacity, perhaps the winger is about to live up to his huge price tag.

Meanwhile Torres also looks to have got off to a great start. My bro-in-law in Dublin has had a bet on the Spaniard being top-scorer, but then Con has always been a sucker for all things Spanish.

It was always a massive gamble (considering the sums involved) whether the striker could produce the goods in the Premiership. But with the benefit of hindsight Torres seems like he might be a better bet than some of the more established world class mercenaries who've come over to stick their snouts in the Premiership trough.

I always feel that with the likes of Schevchenko and Ballack, they are hardly going to be coming over here expecting to graft their socks off, as they've absolutely nothing left to prove and are therefore only likely to truly turn it on for a smattering of glamorous games a season.

Whereas with Torres having not played for either of the big two in Spain, he hasn't quite established his world class credentials and thus from the little I've seen of him so far, he appears particularly hungry to give his Premiership experience a real good go, rather than just doing enough to justify collecting his obscenely fat pay cheque every month.

But then the Scousers have seen enough false dawns in recent seasons to know not to get too excited but whatever might transpire, I get the sense we are in for an incredibly exciting season, hopefully involving a surfeit of scintillating footie

Bern said...

BTW congratulations are in order for the 100,000th visitor to my blog. Unfortunately I can only offer the lucky individual the exact same prize as I gave for the 50,000th hit....."kadochas"

Anonymous said...

David Dein can fark off.

Remember all of the spending of the three above us has either borrowed (or in Chelski's been, donated in order to get that elusive British passport).

In a couple of years time we'll be able to spend like Liverpool just have out of our net profits.

So take your Uzbek gangster and shove it up yer arse Deino, you've embarrassed yourself.