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Monday 3 September 2007

Never Mind The Greeks Bearing Gifts, Seems Dein Should've Been Beware Of Oligarchs Bearing Billions

According to writer, broadcaster and former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, it would appear that the geezer David Dein has just got into bed with has the sort of moral turpitude which makes Roman look like a bleedin' rabbi, by comparison.


Then again if Craig had been ambassador to Siberia, perhaps he'd have similar tales to tell about Abramovich, as to my (naturally totally unfounded) mind, all these Ruski billionaires are tarred with the same brush, as I simply don't believe they could've positioned themselves in the mafia-run madness of post communist Russia, without getting their hands seriously dirty

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, I have lost all respect for Dein now. I did hold the mistaken belief that in dealing with Kronke he firmly believed it was what the club needed. Now he has been shown up as nothing more than an egomaniac, desperate to regain a modicum of power. Great job to attract a man who even amongst the oligarchs is known as a hard man. Thanks Dave!!!!