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Monday 20 October 2014

Amy Lawrence's "Invincible"

Just back from bit of ligging at a launch party for Amy Lawrence's new book "Invincible" with a large bunch of Gooner royalty at San Danielli on Blackstock Road. It was quite a nostalgic evening as I don't think I've been back to this Italian gaff since we left Highbury, back in the days when one could look up from a post-match meal and see Vieira, Wiltord, Wenger wandering through the door to a hearty round of applause.

No such chances to rub shoulders with our heroes nowadays and sadly none of the stars names in Amy's book were there this evening. Perhaps they were having their own little celebration somewhere of the ten year anniversary of this incredible achievement?

Even from my most biased point of view, the book is a blinding read and despite plenty of literary competition at present, it must be top of every Gooners' Xmas wish list. There can't be many hard-core Arsenal fans who'd be better placed to produce a such a marvelous retrospective of what, in hindsight,  has to rank as one of the greatest seasons ever.

I always remind Amy of The Gooner's tenth anniversary celebration of Anfield '89, which was held in the old Clock End complex at Highbury, on a night when Man Utd somewhat pooped our party, by winning the Champions League. Surrounded by more Gooner anoraks than one could shake a stick at, we all partook in a quiz that night, where Amy promised to celebrate victory with a fitting Micky Thomas roll. As someone who's capable of forgetting who scored, before even leaving the stadium on matchdays most weeks, I didn't have a hope and I was duly stunned by her incredible depth of knowledge of Arsenal minutae as she won the quiz and duly fulfilled her obligation for a Mickey Thomas style tribute.

While Amy achieves the miraculous feat of producing balanced pieces in all her work for the Guardian and the Observer over so many years, there's absolutely no mistaking where her heart lies in her latest tome.