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Sunday 8 September 2013

Özil to the Arsenal

The Interlull couldn't have been worse (or better!) timed, both to build on the momentum of our Derby Day dumbing of our own noisy neighbours and to heighten the massive sense of anticipation over our first opportunity to witness Mesut Özil's debut appearance in red & white. But with no domestic games this weekend, I must admit to being grateful to a weekend without the stress of a Sunday deadline for the Irish Examiner and so you'll have to settle for my humble contribution in the Sunday Observer:

                Well we waited and we waited but Arsène came good in the end, pulling a particularly spellbinding rabbit out of his magic hat. Many will contend that our squad remains wafer thin, both in defence and up front and that the last thing on our shopping list was another midfield crackerjack. But mercifully Özil might prove to be just the sort of marquee signing who is capable of silencing the not-so faithful and I for one, can’t recall being quite so thrilled at the prospect of a footballer’s appearance in red & white, since the arrival of Dennis Bergkamp. Now if only Mesut Özil can repeat the same feat, as the catalyst for a renaissance of a trophy-laden new era?

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Super John said...

A "marquee-signing" indeed. So, now we've got Jack Wilshere, Santi Carzola, Tomáš Rosický and Mesut Özil doing ... er,... that sort of thing. I've left Aaron Ramsey off of that list 'cos I hope he'll eventually play the "holding" role, that will be, maybe sooner rather than later, vacated by Michael Arteta. I also think that, when Podolski's fit again, we've got enough options in attack. However, a lingering worry for me is the relationship ''twixt Premier League referees their yellow/red carding of our thinly spread defensive cover and their apparent voyeuristic interest in seeing just how much of a kicking Jack Wishere can take before he either retaliates or is forced to limp off. Will they adopt the same attitude towards Mesut Özil?
I've got a thing about Aaron Ramsey and Arsenals forward momentum (that's why I'd like to see him playing deeper) That actually belongs on another thread. Oft is the time I've sat in front of my TV (no, I can't attend games live – I live abroad and, anyway, I've already got a mortgage). Arsenal start an attack the ball comes to Ramsey, Podolski runs expectantly into a left of penalty area channel and … and … ? Ramsey puts his foot on the ball, drags it back, turns around and passes square to his right. This is often followed by my glass of philosan flying across the room. It's infuriating 'cos the man definitely has his “moments” in the oppositions penalty area, but he'd be as devastating doing that from deeper positions.
There. I'M going for a lie-down now.