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Saturday 3 March 2012

Definitely one for the masochists amongst us.....!

After finishing an exhausting get-out for the ballet at Tate Britain (schlepping steel-decking!) and then not arriving home until 1am, it seemed stark raving bonkers to be up at 4.30, in time to walk the dog and head off to the Grove for the 6.15am Travel Club coach to Merseyside.

I hate early KOs at the best of times, since the Gunners never seem to start playing until after half-time and these matches are too early for folks to get sufficiently lubricated to produce a decent atmosphere. But after dragging my aching bones out of my pit after only a couple of hours kip, I can't help but feel that Come The Revolution, those TV tossers responsible for this sort of bonkers scheduling (as ever, with absolutely no consideration for genuine fans) will be first up against my wall!

Meanwhile, in light of the sort of sacrifices necessary for us to be there - security had to lock up at the Tate before we'd quite finished last night and so I've had to pass on a day's wages at double-bubble, just for turning up for 30 minutes more "tidging" this morning :-( - I sincerely hope that the Arsenal that turns up at Anfield at high-noon is the same scintillating team we watched last weekend and not the bunch of impostors responsible for the disappointingly mediocre fare that we've endured for the majority of this season. Aside from the fact that I'm going to feel seriously pissed off, having made all this effort, only to see Suarez, Carroll & co. run amok, if we don't do ourselves justice against the Mickey Mousers, it will leave us wide open to arguments that last week's wonderful result was a fluke.

Besides which, absolutely the last thing I want is to give my Spurs mates the satisfaction of believing that the Derby win was our Cup Final, as after being ten points behind, with a result on Merseyside and a win for Man Utd on Sunday, it's all up for grabs