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Tuesday 27 December 2011

Finger of blame should've been stuck in a pie!

It's just dawned on me that the Gunners lethargy after taking the lead today and our ultimate failure to take all three points, was in fact nothing to do with the lack of full-backs, or a lacklustre display overall.

It was all down to my dreadfully insensitive pals at Piebury Corner, for daring to take a break over the festive period that included a home game, thereby leaving all their many devotees stranded, without our habitual pre- and post-match vittles, resulting in the more superstitious amongst us not merely being left with an empty stomach, but convinced that it was due to me having been denied my customary Ian Wright (lamb stew pie) that cost us the three points :-)

Both for the Gunners sake and my own sustenance, I sincerely hope that normal service will be resumed for our New Year's Eve encounter with QPR?



Jekyll said...

It's due to the fact the current manager is not a motivator, and hasn't been for some time. In fact he possibly never was. His 'c-est la vie' attitude is quite evident. All the success was before the 100& Wenger period. Unarguable. Go on, argue!