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Thursday 21 January 2010

Definition of "Traumatic"....

.....driving all the way to Anfield to support the Totts, only to endure that load of old shite, followed by the devastating news that the Gunners have gone top (with a ten point advantage that's ended optimistic Lilywhite dreams for yet another disconsolate campaign).

Still at least these lasted into the New Year this time around. At this rate some of them might actually live to see the day when they get all the way through until May, before having such feint hopes mullahed :-)

In the meantime we Gooners can all rest assured that we'll still have our Spurs mates to keep us up to date with the goings on in Eastenders next season!

S'funny but only yesterday a pal of mine who works for a charity informed me that with the post-Xmas blues, the painful wait for a monthly pay packet and the problems for SAD sufferers with the miserably grey weather, apparently these next few days account for the highest suicide rate in this country.

It follows that the Samaritans should be taking out a full page ad in the Spurs matchday programme, with a dedicated Lilywhite Freephone number.

Not to mention the announcement of a new line of merchandise in the club shop, to include:
the Assou-Ekotto exhaust attachment
the Crouch collapsible chair
the Corluka Wrist Cutter
the Lilywhite length of rope
And the limited edition Blue & White Rohypnol, available in bulk orders only

Apparently there was also to be a David Bentley deathbed but this has somehow evaporated into thin air after leaving the manufacturers

All which come we a free Crowing Cockerel which crows a selection of popular tunes from the Last Post, to a variation on the club's anthem "Bill Nich's body lies a moaning in the grave....gory, gory Tottenham Hotspurs....and their soul goes limping on, on, on"

Poor loves! Never mind, there's always next season!

Come on you Reds
Nuff Love