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Tuesday 29 April 2008

Give the Flamster His Due

Its hard to believe the Eyties are offering Matty £80k odd a week but if it is indeed true then the club need to bite the bullet and pay the man whatever it takes to keep him here. I doubt they need to match the Inter package, as I feel sure he wouldn't pack his bags for just "a few bucks" but you could hardly blame him jumping ship if there are big bucks involved in the comparative difference between the two offers (which I assume, accoring to the media, must be the case at the minute)

Surely we should have long since learned our lesson on this front, as whatever it takes to keep Flamini at the club, it's going to be a lot cheaper than having to replace him.

What's more we can hardly blame Matty, as it must be very tempting to take the Italian moolah, knowing he could go on cruise control over there, compared to the amount of graft he has to put in covering so much ground for the Gunners. Moreover the club need to factor in the fact that he has probably been paid "bubkas" up until now and from the player's point of view, considering how marvelously he has made up for in industry and endeavour, what he patently lacks in flair, in all honesty how many better seasons is he going to have than the one we've just witnessed?

In light of their relatively short proffessional careers, Matty has absolutely no choice but to maximise his earnings while his star is at its zenith, as he'd be a fool not to. Especially when we've witnessed in the past the club's own preparedness to throw players out with the dirty shirts, when they've done with them. Loyalty is a two way street and considering the way in which the club attempted (albeit that they failed) to put such a contemptible squeeze on Dennis only a couple of years back, with an utterly embarrassing "pay as you play" extension, we can only expect from Flamini, what he knows he's going to get from the Gunners in return, who have only ever looked out for No. 1 !

So in my humble opinion they should simpy pay the man, as even if Matty is never again to have such an influential season, Arsène is going to have to go a long way to find a player of similar experience, with both the versatility and preparedness to put himself on the line all over the pitch. Moreover and perhaps most important of all, with such a young squad, where leadership qualities are hardly in abundance, it would be absolute madness to write off the one player who, for the majority of this season, has come closest to looking anything like a traditional captain out on the park.

While a recalcitrant Willie was keeping schtum, it was Flamini who was most often seen urging his team mates on (I often think Arsène only gave Gallas the captaincy according to the logic that if he was made guv'nor he'd have no one to barney with but himself?) and with so few players in the dressing room with sufficient presence to make themselves heard, surely it's senseless to forsake the Flamster for the sake of a few quid?


PS. I was delighted to see Ade achieve a hat-trick last night, giving it back in spades to all those Rams fans who were taunting the Togonator with that racist chant (you kind of expect such low life behaviour at White Hart Lane but I didn't think this disgusting drivel would follow him all over the country!). Besides which, what's wrong with being an elephant washer? It seems to me that these racist Neanderthals are also offending the proud folk who ply this trade across the planet with their derogatory remarks. I for one would be quite proud if my old man was charged with taking care of these magnificent creatures :-)

Moreoever I adored the two Manny's goal celebrations, as his post-match comments suggested these were inspired, or a piss-take even on Earnshaw's over the top efforts. I almost felt sorry for poor Earnshaw, as you got the sense that he'd had been practising his own celebration all season long and having finally got his long awaited and probably his single only chance to produce his routine before a live Premiership audience, we were going to get the 12" version whether we liked it or not!


Anonymous said...

yes another player that will leave on a free.
edu pires wiltord

For the price of a ticket we can surely expect the board to increase their wage budget

if they werent so full on nonsense the whole Cole and Chelsea thing wouldn't have happened

Anonymous said...

So what happens when the club matches the money being offered by other interested parties & they just come back with another higher offer of, let's say, 90kpw? What should the club then do, match that? & the signing on fee they come back with in the next round of negotiations, & the next 10k? Where's the cut off point for the club when the player can keep mulling over offers all Summer?

Anonymous said...

I agree that we should make a very big offer to him but as the previous comment suggests, we still need to make it a 'take it or leave it'. The reason we have seemed to ship players out when it suits us is because we are not a club where the players are number one. The cost involved with signing a new player, then wages and a period of settling in must equate to way over what flamsters contract would be worth. It is only the same as paying a player a huge wage due to a free transfer (e.g Sol Campbell)

Bern said...

My assumption is that the problem has been magnified because of the fact that Flamini was probably earning peanuts by comparison to many of the big earners up until the expiration of his contract and therefore the club probably baulked because his wage demands were so much higher than what he had previously been earning.

I agree that we definitely shouldn't get involved in a Dutch auction, but I don't imagine it would be necessary, so long as we are prepared to pay what Matty is currently worth in the world footballing market

Anonymous said...

Would any of the Italian teams be sniffing round if he was not a free agent? AC Milan are in financial difficulty and talk is Kaka will be sold in the summer they have not secured Champions League football for next season either. The Flamster is young and moving to Italy could have a negative impact in his career. To go to Italy for an extra £10k per week would not be the smartest move as will the Italians next contract to him be as lucrative? I have high expectations of the current Arsenal Squad and I think we will see silverware coming our way soon.

Bern said...

It's a fair bet that no one in Italy had even heard of the Flamster prior to this season.

And we all know from past experience that a move anywhere else is likely to be disastrous as far as his footballing future is concerned, as so few players who've prospered in the Arsenal's team environment, have gone on to prosper at other clubs.

However as far as his financial security is concerned, I imagine Matty might be easily persuaded otherwise by his agent, when he's being blinded by pound signs (or should I say Lire)