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Saturday 16 February 2008

Talk about a party pooping spoiler

Just as in seasons past it has seemed as if weary Arsenal performances have been a direct product of Le Prof prattling on about fatigue in his programme notes, I guess it can come as no surprise if Wenger's "prioritisation" of the FA Cup has resulted in a less than committed performance from some of the principals, who's attitude, quite frankly, stunk! In some respects this was the worst case scenario. If Arsène had selected all the Carling Cup kids, no matter what the outcome, we would've at least witnessed a hungry, passionate performance. Whereas with Fabregas, Hleb and co. on the pitch for such a comprehensive cave in, the psychological impact on the rest of our season could well prove to be significant.

Up to now Adebayor might have stolen all the headlines, however this defeat highlighted quite how dependent we are on the less lauded likes of Clichy, Sagna and Flamini. Hopefully Traore will learn from such an agonising lesson, but I can't make such allowances for the likes of Hoyte and Gilberto, who simply can't be included amongst this squad's other interchangeable components, not without us suffering such alarming consequences.

It's said that you learn a lot more about a team's spirit in defeat than in victory and we're certainly going to have to prove our mettle, if our entire season isn't going to start heading south against Milan on Wednesday

I was well prepared to expect the worst today, but it was the manner of our capitulation that was so unacceptable, with there being such a complete and utter absence of pride in this piss poor performance. AW is sure going to have to earn his corn building this back up before Kaka and his compadres come a calling

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Anonymous said...

i agree its was the manner of our capitulation, the lack of inner resolve, and dare i say it, our lazzerz faire attidude?
excuse bad spelling im bit drunk.
this team should command more.

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Anonymous said...

Was quite bad I agree, our mids should have pressed their long-ballers. After their first 2 goals Traore and Hoyte were shattered. Gallas wasn't too great either tho'.
Bendtner was the only class player out there, and I believe he did well, some of his touches were unbelievable.

Wiley didn't help, he wouldn't give fouls in key areas for us, but wouldn't against them either - nothing key, but demoralizing - and what the f**k with the pitch, let alone watering it again at half-time (and only at 1 end!)!!!

Designed long-ball strategy paid dividends with a boggy pitch and a Gilberto who never put himself about and a Cesc who didn't care. Eboue and Hleb were awful too,,,,

Anonymous said...

The only Arsenal player that can hold their head high, is Lehman! If it wasn't for him, we'd have lost 7 nil!

Anonymous said...

What’s the point of slagging the team off. I agree they didn’t look the part today, who cares, it was the FAC. Our main priority after the last 3 seasons of nothing is to secure the premiership, forget the others, no.1 in England is all that counts. If Chelsea and the Mancs want to waste energy on tin pots that’s their choice - it leaves the biggest prize to us. As for ECL, sod em, concentrate n EPl, we’ve 5 or 6 seasons left in this team theres everything to come. Be patient. ARSENE KNOWS. COME ON THE ARSENAL!!!!

Anonymous said...

What annoyed me intensely was that the only thing the elicited any kind of reaction from our players was Nani's showboating - as soon as I saw Gallas's brainless attempt at a 'sly' kick on Nani - I thought 'you f**kwit 3 league games out'. He's ruled himself out of a quarter of our remaining games. Forget the cup, its a tangible boost to Utd's campaign to catch us to have both Gallas and Eboue unavailable for 3 games - and it was completely predictable that Ferguson and Quiroz would start banging on about the FA having a look at it as soon as the final whistle blew. And any one who prattles on about how Nani provoked him has never seen us 3 nil up with Terry Henry on the pitch.